• thePnut’s unique shape delivers a new, self-directed approach to releasing knots, mobilizing muscles and better recovery. When we first started experimenting with shapes to use, we evolved thePnut from two golf balls that we had been taping together. This small shape allowed us to accurately find knots without rolling over them. Prototype after prototype, we knew thePnut also had to be designed in a way that could be easily held in our hands. This way we could massage our arms, legs, feet and neck like no other massage tool had allowed us before. We also knew the ends of thePnut had to be pointed, as a way to access acupressure points - areas of the body found to bring relief to muscles groups. With those key features, thePnut was born and because of its small size, we knew it would be something to easily travel with.
    Think of thePnut as another tool in your tool kit. You could use it all on its own, say at work during a quick break, or rolling your feet after a jog. Yet, we find thePnut plays well with others. Meaning, a foam roller can warm up the muscle and move around fluids enough that thePnut will be more effective when focusing on one small area. Because it’s made out of wood, and doesn’t soften like a tennis ball, we recommend that you spend less than 5 minutes in one area, at any given time. Think of rinsing and repeating. Massage a knot with thePnut, stretch it, relax it, move to another sore spot, and then start again from the first area. You don’t want to excessively massage one area, as it could leave you bruised and more injured. Instead, massage one area over the course of an hour. Like you would take small sips of wine, to finish a bottle. (Yes, I like wine…)
  • Some of our favorite ways to use thePnut would be after a walk or jog - releasing your calves and feet. Or if you want to relax before bed - rolling your neck, at the base of your skull. Maybe you just swung kettlebells until your arms fell off - knead your hands and forearms. The point is that using thePnut, immediately after a workout can go a long way. It can help move around lactic acid that has built up. And for bringing some relief to your stressed muscles. Make sure to watch our videos to learn more. And please, do what feels best for you. Because of its unique shape, thePnut has many ways it can be used. Most of which we haven’t mapped yet. So if you know of some, please share them with us and we’ll post about it.
  • Each MAPLE piece is hand-selected from up-cycled wood and sealed with Tung oil, so it's safe on your skin. Known for its strength and resistance to splitting. Also has major significance to Native Americans for it's medicinal properties. All Pnuts are handcrafted in Canada and include a 30 Day Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.
  • Length: 5" x Diameter: 2". About the size of two golf balls.


    Disclaimer: For EXTERNAL use only! We are not liable for any injuries caused by improper practices.

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