TFL Release 'Tensor Fascia Latae' & IT 'Iliotibial' Band

We hear it often from our clients, *whining child voice* "the side of my leg is sore/ tight, I want to roll my IT Band" . Great, but let's start where it's most important.


Both the IT band and the TFL are fancy muscles that cross two joints; the hip and knee joints. If we didn't have the IT band we couldn't walk... Sounds important to me! And did you know, that as a baby you don't have an IT band? It forms as you walk. This is why babies are bow-legged when first beginning to walk. Who knew our bodies were that cool.

If you are on bicycle or running often, you will be probably have symptoms of 'IT band friction syndrome'. Which is elegant way of saying your IT band has attached to the outside of your quad - your vastus lateralis - because of prolonged, repetitive motion. It's the micro tears where the IT band and vastus lateralis meet that cause the friction syndrome.

Now, we don't recommend excessive running and cycling, yet we're guessing you're going to continue doing it anyways. So, why not have a way to ensure a bit more longevity in these activities? Please, make this routine a part of your daily life, if this sounds like you. Even if you are not in this category, rolling your TFL and breaking up tissue along the IT band will do wonders for your bipedal life.

Grab your Pnut, your Brzl, and tune in. 


Mo + Kellan