Neck Massage Lying Down | 5 Minute Flow

If you're not sure how thePnut and Pnut XL can help release muscles, this is the video for you. Our necks take a lot of strain from the way we use it, so relaxing it with this flow will be great. Tension and knots melt away. Leaving you blissful and full of energy.

One of my all time FAVOURITE flows to go through with thePnut, this flow is targeting the Suboccipital muscle group, located at the base of the skull, along with any of the "back of the neck" muscles.

Thing to keep in mind while doing this flow:

1) Take deep slow breaths throughout the whole time to aid in pain management, and supply your body with sufficient oxygen to help release any tension.
2) Discover the area, take about 30 seconds once you're situated in the desired position, and pay attention to your tight and restricted areas. You will feel more tension on one side more then the other.
3) TAKE YOUR TIME, don't rush through this flow. Take the time and try to find your place of relaxation.

Grab your Pnut, your Brzl, and Free Your Muscles.

Mo + Kellan