Neck Massage | 2 Minute Self-Release Flow

Do you know that nagging space between your head and shoulders, which allows us to move our heads the way we do? It's our neck, and it gives us a lot of trouble sometimes.   

I personally love having a neck with increased range of motion. I mean, it helps me cross the street safely, text for hours, and look up at the sky. All things I'll continue doing until Tesla has self-driving cars everywhere and is frequently taking us to the stars.

One study showed that 79% of people between the ages of 18-44 have their cell phones with them nearly all day. With only 2 hours of their waking day spent without their cell phone on hand. Dang! Think of all that forward head posture.

And did you also know that the average head weighs between, 10-12 pounds. So the further forward your head is, the more strain 'weight', we put on our necks - up to 42 pounds!

In this video I demonstrate an alternative to laying on your back to massage your neck. This way you can relieve the muscle pain at your desk, while commuting to work or watching Netflix at home. Either way, your neck will open up, feel lighter and allow your head and upper back to move more independently. 

Feel free to use this routine daily. Pre or post workout. Or before your next mindfulness practice. It's golden. 

Grab your Pnut and Free Your Muscles.