Hand Massage | 4 Minute Self-Release Flow

Our hands take a lot of daily abuse. Whether we are working from our desks, typing on our computers, fixing cars, or even cooking and baking, our hands get tired and we usually neglect them. The pain rarely fades away.


Repetitive motions of any kind, if performed daily, will create tension in your hands and leave you with less mobility. WE FEEL YOUR PAIN!

In this video we will go through a few techniques and teach you a flow that you can use in your daily routine, while travelling, or at work on a break. Trust me, releasing your hand tension makes your life SOO much easier...

1) Start by stretching our your hands and getting them warmed up
2) Go through the techniques in the video
3) Stretch them again

Repeat if needed. Or perform each day until your hands feel 'lighter' and move more easily.

This can also be performed before OR after a workout. Be that rock climbing, lifting, swinging Kettlebells, etc. 

Grab your Pnut, your Pnut XL, and Free Your Muscles.

Mo + Kellan