Foot Massage | 4 Minute Flow

Ahh, the feet. Funny how some people are in love with them, and others want nothing to do with them... But we can tell you from experience, they are in need of love, lots of it!


We need these proprioceptive things attached to the bottom of our legs, if we want to move in a healthy, functional way. Which I'm currently enjoying, and would love if everyone had a better relationship with them too. They're meant to disperse our weight evenly, propel us forward and let us know how hot or cold our environment is. And if we're doing more than walking, they're absolutely necessary for positioning the body for optimal strength and effort.

If you're looking to improve any type of your physical activity, whether it's lifting, walking more, running, or cycling, your feet need a lot of focus. They'll help you unlock better foot positions for squats, more efficient running - basically everything in your life improves when you have kinetically healthy feet. We're that serious about them! And so will you be after you've use a Pnut or Brzl on them.

Like the other movements we've shown you, we highly recommend adding it to your morning or nighttime routine. Imagine a day with less back pain, decreased headaches and better digestion. We normally attribute these common issues to a local reason as to why we feel pain in that region. Yet, we've learned that reflexology plays role in solving these same issues.

Grab your Pnut, your Brzl, and Free Your Muscles.

Mo + Kellan