thePnut XL

Type of Wood
  • thePnut XL is our new nut on the block. We wanted something easier to roll larger muscles groups with, while retaining the same benefits of thePnut - healing, long lasting and versatile. When we were laying on thePnut to roll our backs, quads and hamstrings, we realized it was too small and could cause unnecessary pain.

    With thePnut XL, you'll be able to easily roll it down your back, from neck to hips, while keeping your spine in a safe area. Or under your hips and legs, like you would use a foam roller. Pnut XL's are made in two (2) timbers: Black Walnut (pictured), and Winter Ash.<br ?--> It's still small enough to travel with and a great companion to thePnut. In fact, we get better results when using them together. The larger size also allows larger bodies target muscle groups that thePnut would be too small to roll on.
  • thePnut XL can be used in similar ways to thePnut, but where it's advantage lies is using it like a foam roller. It will give you the same sense of muscle relief the the foam roller does, except you will have the webbing, in between the two spheres, to guide muscles through. This way it is much more targeted and faster acting. As an alternative, you could use thePnut XL for relaxation. One of my favourite positions is supported fish - yoga block under my head and Pnut XL across my spine, between my shoulder blades. Another fantastic position is laying on the ground with thePnut XL at the base of your skull. You will feel your neck muscles relax and guide you towards a deep release.
  • This piece is hand-selected from recycled wood and sealed with tung Oil, so it's safe on your skin. Walnut colours can vary from light browns to rich chocolates. Known for it's shock absorption, rot resistance and beautiful grains. All Pnuts are handcrafted in Canada and include a 30 Day Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty
  • Length: 7" x Diameter: 2 3/4". About the size of two oranges. 


    Disclaimer: For EXTERNAL use only! We are not liable for any injuries caused by improper practices.

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