• thePnut helps you create your own, self-directed, massage to release knots, mobilize muscles and recover faster. Whether you are at work, or cooling down after a workout, thePnut can help you get back to feeling energized and focused for the day ahead.

    Because it’s made out of wood, and doesn’t soften like a tennis ball, we recommend that you spend less than 10 minutes on one muscle group, this will avoid over-massaging. Think of rinsing and repeating: massage a knot with thePnut, stretch it, relax it, move to another sore spot, and then start again from the first area. You don’t want to excessively massage one area, as it could leave you bruised and more injured. Instead, massage one area over the course of an hour.
  • Some of our favorite ways to use thePnut would be after a long walk or jog, relaxing before bed, or at work during a break. Anyway you crack it, using a Pnut, can immediately increase your overall well-being. Massaging your muscles is proven to stimulate your nervous system in a way that boosts your immune system, reduces stress and allows your body to move with more ease. If you’re unsure about how to use thePnut, make sure to [watch these videos] to learn more.
  • Hand-selected from recycled wood | Sealed with tung oil (safe on skin) | Color can vary | Handcrafted in Canada | Includes a 14-Day Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.
  • Length: 5" x Diameter: 2". About the size of two golf balls.


    Disclaimer: For EXTERNAL use only! We are not liable for any injuries caused by improper practices.

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