Pair of Nuts

Pnut Wood:
XL Wood:
  • Using two Pnuts for your recovery means more healing - faster! Which translates to your muscles being ready for their next adventure, and that’s everything! We all want to enjoy our favorite pastime sport or hobby with confidence, knowing our bodies are prepared and will recover quickly. These two Pnuts were made to be best buddies.

    Let them do what they do best - circulate blood flow through your stressed and tired muscles. It will help release the layers of tight tissues and make them more fluid. Like, layers of spiderwebs smoothly passing over each other. And it makes stretching and mobility exercises, that much more effective. 
  • One of quickest ways to relax your legs and relieve a sore back is using thePnut XL under your hamstring, while resting your calf on a Pnut. This targets two major areas in your posterior chain; a string of muscle groups almost entirely responsible for you being able to stand up. Or you could use them one after the other, like we do in this video, as a way to warm up a muscle before going deeper with thePnut. Think of thePnut and Pnut XL as extensions to the tested arts of acupressure and massage therapy.
  • Both, thePnut and thePnut XL, are hand-selected from recycled wood and sealed with Tung oil - don't worry, it's safe on your skin. Colors may darken over time. Handcrafted in Canada.
  • thePnut Length: 5" x Diameter: 2" // thePnut XLl Length: 7" x Diameter: 2 3/4"


    Disclaimer: For EXTERNAL use only! We are not liable for any injuries caused by improper practices.

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